Saturday, September 12, 2009


Purchase 1 set for the reason that they have free make up lol!!! rather than spending 50bucks for them to do my make-up.Lady infront of me is my make-up artist that day
Rushing to go Amcorp Mall that day weekends normally i will take care of our shop with Jules my partner.I already promise our neighbor(Farmasi) that im going to purchase from them one day but i don't have time to choose what i want ....we're always rushing.
That day i decided to purchase atleast they will do free make over if u buy RM100++.
I told the girl i want simple & must match my outfit, i don't want her too take so long coz' i need to entertain our customers so she started... halfway i ask her to wait need to go to shop for a while its only infront happens over & over again i ask her to wait i think 5 times.She promised me that it will take only 30min. to finish everything unfortunately its about 1hour plus till' the result of make over ......its becoz' i alwayz interupt ....
~ here we go ~
result below like it actually
Make over done its simple & natural its my request

i love natural lipstick (not inclusive in the promo of 1set) bought separately for RM16++ only

original price RM29.90

Pink color lipstick is nice too... their product can last long worth it.I used the pink lipstick when i went out for clubbing i drink,eat,drink,smoke,drink,drink... still there it won't fade & i hate it coz' i really don't like thick lipstick prefer natural....using lipgloss is good enough for me!

Set c/w

(1) blush on RM32.90(terracotta blush on)

(2) eye shadow 59.90(terracotta Quatro)

(3) reflection gloss 32.90 (reflection)

(4) dipliner 19.90 (deep look)

Total of RM152.90 if you buy the items separately

for Promo price its only RM125.00 for 1 set not bad... really hate if i buy things with cents

i prefer round figure oooops...not only me everybody:-)

I bought extra eyebrow pencil RM11.90 after discount RM 10.10
only now i realized that they have discount in this item when i tracked back the receipt hahahah!!!


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