Friday, October 23, 2009

Jules B-day

I love this pic Silhouette (i can be a good photographer someday)

I feel so sad that i forgot to post Ms.Jules B-day in my online boutique site & do some promotions.Im very busy now a days if i can make it 34 hours in one day i will do but we only have 24 hours & its not enough for me to do all my things.Anyway we didn't celebrate her b-day at exact day ...we wait for weekends to come(saturday night at Uncle Chilis )

Left side - Ms.Jules wearing one of our best seller -Starlet Diva

Middle- Ms.Shiela Jules sister - loose a lot of weight & look hot now

Right side- Ms.Rain wearing womanizer-one of our hot collections

Starlet Diva really suites Jules - royal blue look fantastic for her,

Bare back really emphasize her sexyness

& the best part is the oozing boobsy she got've got it.... baby u've got it...

I usually drink only once a week - if i feel bored at home i will have few glasses of whisky before i will go to sleep ,way back i can drink a lot & i drink like a fish till' i become squid hahaha!

Now is different aging maybe lol!!!

Celebrating B-day means your family must be around so here is Jules Brothers & sister.

I become part of their family so im also in this scene ....

This is it Flaming Lamborgini Go Jules she actually make it "Bravo"....i never tried this for a year already.

What we will expect for a B-day girl? Ofcorz' happiness,laughters,giggles,kisses,hugs & etc.

Can't deny that she is so MF happy with only 2 candles .What is that? cheater...

i like my new hair color but sems it looks so dry now hahaa!!!

Wth Maya a girl who has a powerful voice she's damn good

Superb dinner really feeling
Baked cod fishm-Ms.Jules Weakness
A non-stop buffet - My weakness
Specialty Menu is our weakness

Friday, October 9, 2009


"My Hari Raya" Escapades(story)pls.start from the bottom of this post

Its 3:12 in the morning i think i need to go to bed will continue for more stories tmrw......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Makan again KFC Sungai Buloh "Wer like eating machine for 2 days & i love it...

and yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss...wer inside the car going back homeeee.....

before we go back home there still one place to visit their relatives nearby 7th place ..///
electricity not working for how long i don't know i feel like fainting ciz' its too hot i can't stand...the pretty & fresh girl beside me is very pretty ,,,,,as u notice i look totally different no salon there ok if there is? i need to walk to go there....WTH!!!

Waiting for the nasi lemak to be cook for our breakfast
How can i took pics im so hungry i forgot about it ....i just concentrate teaching the smart kid at the dining table .... its actually my strategy so they won't notice that im just waiting for the food....honestly i miss my primary school time hahahhaha! i use to draw & color for my classmates & they pay me $ im a business minded since i was small....

Oh! the view is clearer its fantastic- very bright

she love pets as i do its Jules Auntie

here is the result jaraaaan......atleast she can wear the tudung w/o any hair dropping & disturbing
She have a very nice long, shiny& healthy can be a commercial model of Vaseline hair way back when i was still on her age i had a very nice Crowning Glory don't ask about the present i don't even have an idea how many times i colored my hair since before.......i don't feel bored but everytine i see this kind of hair im so sure i need to do something about it.............

So this is the room of their 2 lovely daughters its really hot at day time but night time you don't even need a fan its totally refreshing & cooling.....

Good Morning everyone this is the nice view behind the house its beautifull the green grass,trees,fresh air,quiet & relax.I love nature in the first place..........

hey hey hey the place are divided in to 2 parts this is the half part of it i quickly took a snap im so excited to see this kind of place its been 9 years ago since the last time i went back to my province & visit my relatives there (my father side) and i really miss it...our place its not like this but some part on the wayback to our province i've seen a lot of places that exactly the same...

Finally we landed to the last place ITS COOL i like the place its modern type not the Typical one.

5th place take note didn't manage to take pics again i thought that is the place where going to stay till' the nextday so i just relax there sweating,feel itchy,irritating coz' im not used to wear Baju Kurung it all cover & i can't breath much hehe!!! want to have a bath & so on.
We only had kachang eating the whole day non-stop in every house we went we keep eating rendang my teeth paining already....can't resist coz' its all nice i think i had tried all the different types of rendang wth...

its so fuuny when i went to toilet they have some kind of bathtub type i took some water there to wash my _______,realize after that there's a small fishes there OMG i just ignore it i won't die but its kinda different....u konw what i mean

OMG!!!i miss out something its supposed to be the 4th place never mind just + 1 more ok.

In that place i can't take pics a lot of visitors i feel shy you know...i had a good lunch there "chicken tomato"never tried it before & its yummy licious.....

This is the 3rd place didn't manage to take pics coz' its too dark outside the house, like the typical Kampung they will sleep 7:00 pm soon as it get dark scary sometimes specially the mosquitoes keep biting me since i go down at the car...nyamuk gigit gatal loh!

I told you im sick sometime non-stop taking pics im so excited never went for Kampung adventure before......since im in M'sia

They serve this soup i forgot the name shit...but its nice its like our "Sopas " way back home

My posing doesn't match my outfit i forgot im wearing Baju Kurung haha!

So this is the second place- meet Jules & Rain

wer on the way to our 2nd prospect

taking so much of pics you know why??? this is my first time wearing Baju Kurung in my whole life

1st place i stayed & slept for 1 night my loving partners home sweet home

If it happens you get lost around Kajang Area pay a visit in this Salon still new but quite good,place is nice,friendly staffs & cheap they have great deal promotion

Jules hair still under construction her hair is quite stubborn that's why it took so long.This time
we talk about volume yeeeeeees...exactly perfect.Her hair stylist is a guy not sure maybe a gay?

Playing around the salon nobody there so i don't feel not a thick face sometimes yes if i need to be...

Hmmm!!! not bad no complains at all the girl is quite good, perming my hair takes only around 30min. to be exact...i want only at the bottom part of my hair & she get what i want clever girl

they serve chinese hot tea one of my weakness i think im going to die if i don't have any water beside me, i always feel thirsty all the time....the girl behind is so free just "tengok" her role that time, only me & Jules is the customer to think its Hari Raya time so everybody rushing to go back to Kampung not us ....

Landed in the Salon next day we don't have time to do our own hair so we decided to drive nearby in JUles place at Kajang.Never failed to find this new salon where her sista do her haircut.I htink the hair designer thinking i am obssesed taking pics for myself but who cares teddy bears this is my life ....

hmmmm!!! i have the time to do my nails though at Cheras Kajang whatever ....can't really see properly what is the actual deign but its actually something like grass but i choose to paint it white & something like gold color background hehe!!! im going to kampung so must start the inspiration with my nails choosing my own design " grass" match with the place i want to go t0 lol!!

im going to miss my baby going to Jules place soon for Hari Raya Event woot... pink Shirt always turn me on i bought for my hubby Renoma sales forgoten when its not so impt. to remember as long he wear it & appreciate it....