Saturday, September 12, 2009


They said if you have a great Monday the whole week will be fine but sometimes its not...

So fed-up with the food around our office area every single day same food there's a lot of choice in Taipan but its very hard to find parking there....if you find a place to simply park you will get "Summon" i don't mind i will throw it away hahhaha!!! i still respect law so better avoid doing it.

Perfect lunch for that day "Dragon- i Restaurant" at Sunway atleast something different right???I've been longing for it....went there for few times love the food so much :-)

Ask my colleagues if they want to follow me... its my turn to drive so just go there park at jockey that's it.How wonderful if you don't need to find parking until you feel dizzy go rounding...i hate this kind of thing....make me crazy most of the time:-(

I went to the comfort room while on the way back i just notice the open kitchen with glass where the chefs prepare the noodles, dumplings and so on...I keep watching until the chef look at me & smiled.If they can only hear me i want to ask them how long i need to wait for my food...haha!

Our beloved designer of Fusion Design Sdn Bhd Mr.Kenny & Cynthia.Its obvious that she's enjoying her food....

Myself & our account Ms.Lim the pics is so blurrrr....its bcoz' the of the lights come from behind & i look so ugly in here hehehe!!!


We're done for lunch straight go to Jusco & buy Cappuccino my favorite coffee for breakfast.

Ms.Cynthia usually buy for me asusual i don't have time too busy i decided to get for myself no need to disturb her....

~pics in Klang Parade~

How can i forget this shoe i saw in Klang Parade few months ago rushing to meet a friend & didn't manage to buy... for the reason that i need to show to my hubby first if he likes it for me...i went home & show to him then he agreed.Next day i ask favor to my colleague she's staying in Klang so she can purchase for me .......sad to say she can't get ( size 6 finished)...what to do???

~pics in klang parade~

Yes its the black towering shoe its not that nice.... i like it bcoz' im short so its understood that i need to wear high heels...

I saw it again in Sunway Nichii but they don't have color black anymore & the worse thing about me i won't leave any shopping malls w/o buying anything just to staisfy myself ...

****i bought this one its available in other color but they don't have my size ...sad again****

i prefer to buy fabric shoe now... i keep my shoe for quite long & its start to getting spoilt in my shoe cabinet wether its leather or pvc etc. some of it still in a box used once or twice....

RM69.90 only its quite cheap *steal*

Oh!!! i found this really helpful if you wish to keep your shoe in a box you must include this inside don't throw it away ....checked some of my shoe that i forgot to throw all this they're still in good condition!!! try it ... you don't need to believe me:-)as what they mention here "throw away do not eat"
so what i want to keep it .....


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