Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What a bored day?

Tuesday i feel so bad that i feel irritated,ugly,dirty,sticky & grumpy all the negative sides whatever it is...sounds weird am i right???im not sure if you feel like this sometimes specially when ur red alert is coming soon i mean monthly period.Im rushing back home had my shower.
While having my dinner im thinking to have a quick swim to relax this is what i normally do if i feel angry,uneasy,thinking so much etc. I will jump in the pool & released everything....feels good after that:-)

So here i am now took some pics ....jules join me she actually ask me to swim its a good idea that we're thinking the same thing.... im not surprise wer always 2gether that sometimes we have some common intuitions...

~Jules ~

this shot is so funny & ugly hahhaah!!!my lips is thick & croocket maybe bcoz' of my braces OMG....
btw i love my skin face ...


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