Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Finally its in my hand last week quite happy that i had time to drop by in sunway & this is the last piece i will freak out if i won't get this. Its not actually my plan to go there its just happen need to do something nearby there so plan to have my lunch with friend & get what i want....
they have the latest collection & its quite cute but i don't really like the long straps its more like sporty im looking for something like this i like compartments im a person who keeps a lot of stuffs(rubbish) maybe heheh!!

Friday, June 26, 2009



AP Photo, fileIn this 1972 photo, Michael Jackson at age 13, the youngest member of the singing group Jackson Five, sings in his home in Encino, Ca.

Michael Jackson, the once triumphant, then disgraced King of Pop, died today at the age of 50, after suffering a heart attack.
When the world first heard Michael Jackson, it heard a voice so confident and commanding it seemed impossible that it was coming from a boy. Years later, the world marveled at how childish a grown man could be.
His was a life of the highest highs, including Motown Era glory with his family group the Jackson 5, and the release of an album, "Thriller," as captivating as any that came before or after.
His was a life of the lowest lows, including accusations of child abuse, an obsession with plastic surgery that ultimately left him looking inhuman, and the squandering of a once-daunting fortune.
John Landis, who directed Jackson in the iconic "Thriller" video described the singer as "an extraordinary talent and a truly great international star."
"I was lucky enough to know and work with Michael Jackson in his prime," Landis said, in a statement via his attorney. "He had a troubled and complicated life and despite his gifts, remains a tragic figure. My wife Deborah and I will always have great affection for him."
At the time of his death, he was planning a comeback via a series of shows in London's O2 Arena. His 50 shows there were sold out.
"We've lost a giant," said Jersey-based concert promoter John Scher, who produced three Jackson family "Victory Tour" concerts at Giants Stadium in 1984, as well as other Jackson concerts. "He was really part of the fabric of modern American pop. And we all saw him grow up in front of our eyes: It's rare that you see a child actor or, in this case, a child performer, grow up and then take the enormous leap he took, when he went solo."
Scher said that he, like many in the music industry, never got to know Jackson personally.
"It was always very secretive, whenever you dealt with him," says Scher. "You couldn't get anywhere near Michael Jackson or, to a large degree, any of his family, any of the inner sanctum."
Throughout the music industry, those who knew Jackson expressed sadness at the news.
"I am absolutely devastated at this tragic and unexpected news," the music producer Quincy Jones said in a statement read by MSNBC. Mr. Jones said Mr. Jackson "had it all -- talent, grace, professionalism and dedication." Mr. Jones said added, "I've lost my little brother today, and part of my soul has gone with him.""The entire Apollo family is saddened to learn of Michael Jackson's untimely passing," said Jonelle Procope, President & CEO, The Apollo Theater Foundation, Inc. "Michael first performed at the Apollo in 1969 with his brothers when he was only nine years old, winning Amateur Night, and catapulting their career as the Jackson 5. We will always remember Michael in our hearts as a true Apollo legend, known for his professionalism and grace. Our sympathy goes out to his entire family. He will be deeply missed."

More Star-Ledger coverage:link below

*Michael Jackson, King of Pop, has died after being rushed to hospital

*Michael Jackson memorabilia owner recalls turbulent past with musical family

Read more:

"I never felt this in any singers whenever they passed away only with MJ indescribable feeling really really sad.Im on my way back home & most of the radio station playing his songs & didn't realize the tears in my eyes, when i felt that i continue crying its really hard to control ....shocking till' now i can't beleive his gone but deep inside my heart he will remain" i haven't update for quite long but this time can't pass ...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy B-day Sista

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Princess

Curly curly hair for a change feel bored sometimes with straight hairdo a lil' bit mess in here did my hair near in my place 2 hours ago before my sis party,not really a big party its exclusive for her friends & family oh!oh! im only her family in Malaysia feel sad that she's leaving on at jetplane 2 months from now & im all alone .....i can handle it im independent anyway lol!!!

this cake is yummy licious ofcorz' its from Shangrila courtesy of Ms.Shewella thanks bestfriend for your effort ....that's my sis name Suzette its a nice name but sorry guys no need to mention how young she is its totally dangerous hehehe!!!!

Secret Recipe

Not to mention this one from me with all my love ;>)
Didn't manage to give her the best cake schedule to hectic better luck next time

Like the design but i don't know from where is this cake as long it taste good & make me burp is good enough,from sista friends im not close with them first time i've seen them, honestly its quite long time since the last time i visited my sis if not her b-day sure we won't see each other weird right...as what i said im so buzy zzzzzzzzz!!!

Jules & myself we always stick together

sista,wella my bestfriend for 15 over years or more than that,jules,claire one of my closest friend & my goodself im always present ofcorz'

eyes starting to close feel sleepy i don't have enough sleep everytime craving for vacation somewhere out of the country ....beach,white sand,coconut juice,umbrella,bilikinis,martinis,
good breakfast in bed,massage lot more i want to do ...

One of my forte... still remember when the first time i came here was singing in a band with my sis its 4 years ago so it makes a lot of difference haha!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Philippine Fashion

copy right:tongue in chic

Filipinos not only known as a very talented race if it comes to singing,dancing,entertaining etc.
They are certified one of the most fashionable country in ASIA its proven below no doubt range from different designers with absolutely creative designs ....

read more : http://www.tonguechic.com/articles/1565-Philippine-Fashion-Week-Holiday-2009-Premier-Collection-B
There's nothing sexier than Eric Delos Santos' strategically cut out dresses, striking slouchy dresses with fringe details, and metallic pieces in alluring shapes.

design by:Tina Daniac
She presented her all monochromatic collection of simply stunning silhouettes and structured shapes.


43 branches spread all over the Philippines very classy collection can't wait to go back home & get some of their collections

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Uncle Chilis Nyt with Hyperzone

On duty deck doctors & absolutely naughty nurses UNCLE CHILLI'S PJ HILTON

Saturday night & my blood is jumping ups & down asusual i need some alcohol to relax,i need a break for a tiring day every single day...i have a lot of activities & i can't handle it anymore i pitty my body sometimes, im a very hyper active person but im just a human i still have some weakness or maybe im just getting old lol!!!!

this is a must to pass the medication they give some free energy before going inside chilis
injection c/w VODKA i don't know mixed with what i don't care...i look so funny yaayks...
Free "Energy Syringe" to the first 100 people through the door before 10:30 pm

Dr.Pizzicato is that you????Dr.i am sick give my drink very quick...

The most sexiest nurse i've ever seen she's super hot hot potato

Here i come stop-over for some pics since i had deleted my pics accidentally for the previous happenings in my life....so sad i love pics so much & to think that i can't repeat any scenes of that anymore...

Dress: Osmose
Shoes: Guess
Watch: Gucci
Accesories: Need to recall the name of the shop

Hyperzone last day at uncle chilis its a filipino band who can do the perfect shake for their body never seen any band dancing like them...featuring start from ur leftside Jennifer sexy babe,My Goodself,Julia & Cute Maya ohoh!!! Maya is high like a kite

Wooow i look so gorgeous in here hehe!!! Maya will miss you ehem...i gave my necklace to her as a souvenir, i think it looks better w/o accesories on my neck don't ya....

Yipiii so here is my baby loving fiance showing his love heheh! he's still anonymous until we get married....

So this the new Filipino band who will replace HyperZone i forgot what's the band's name but all of them are hot & spicy ....i like the way they move !!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Finally this is my last choice not really my type but for casual will really match it as im craving for beige additional for my shoe collection for beige color hehe!!! i had chose few more but they don't have my size anyone who have nice shoe just let me know RM100++ & above is what i want good quality ok...
leave me a message at raincaravana@gmail.com 0r in my chatbox tnx.......

clean sexy yeah!!!

they don't have my size again grrrrr.....feel dizzy choosing & its alot of shoes out there
if u want some go and click the link below....my old post

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shoez shoez make me confuse

So sad this shoe is out of stock OMG love it its like the Gucci shoe
i saw in magazine before but beige color hmmmmmmm.....

No.2So this is my second choice then again they don't have this color out of stock
i don't really like the other color **sigh** i will get crazy ....


I think this one they have but i need to check new updated shoe new arrival hope i can find something ....nice