Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bikini Republic
This is one of my craze bikinis...endless bikinis & im quite fuzzy in choosing bikinis in other words im an expert too.Bikini Republic make me go crazy in this piece love the tattoo graphic pattern its not an ordinary ones....agreed??? as an impulse buyer i don't think twice i send my order that fast the owner is nice as well like the bikini she's selling very very the max.I remember when i send her mail that i received my stuff i told her recieved & i didn't try yet.

Im always getting excited with bikinis after i reached home i took a quick snap

1st snap failed --- to think of it im taking my own pics its not easy
2nd snap failed again-------- just set the camera for 10 seconds
3rd snap hmmm ok then---above pics shown

The bikini is actually M size but i actually fit it..i loose weight being so hectic & busy with business & whatever ---- loose 2kg. saaaad!!!
And oh ... before i forget i received this item 2 weeks ago if im not mistaken & only now i have the time to post it!!! imagine how busy i am...posting the stuff i bought is no reason at all but to inform e-shopaholics that you can find your perfect bikini outfits here...don't forget

"bikini republic"

tribal design i love it

comes with a nice packaging as well can use it too keep ur stuff too...flexible haha!!!

come on hurry get ur bikinis @ bikini republic you won't regret for sure...
this item Sold Out do check it out with the owner if ur a keen buyer

check it out too link:

this is different from the bikini i bought @ jolly dolly Victoria Secret Bikini i post below


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