Wednesday, March 25, 2009



this place is quite new when we visit it..still under renovation actually we'd checked almost 8 places in batangas before we end up here coz' we thought this place is horrible from outside when we passed by "under constructuion" who will think that this place is amazing i never regret any single seconds on my holiday fantastic place.

this VILLA cost PHP 1o,000 - RM800 for 1 night with free breakfast

going back soon waiting for our great driver who is lying down there to dark
so can't see him he's charging actually ...

oh! this is not the place where we staying found the place open so we just have a quick shot
like the view ,hey!!!no one is here ok we don't simply enter w/o permission hehe!

heve a last glimpse we will miss this place yeah!!

im alwayz cool ewww!!!i became so dark grrr...btw this kind
of complexon fits me well

fresh even i have atleast 5 hours sleep not bad ha!!!!

wetwweew i really enjoy water i swim non-stop
like a mermaid im not wondering why?coz' im a piscesean

morning jules she woke up earlier than me having her coffe eehem.. is that urs? i slept around 6:00 am chilling out with some of the staffs there i really miss my hometown & miss chatting in my own language

Oh!oh! im hungry waiting for our dinner but this one came first sigh y not? this will release all the tiring day we've been trough hehe!

my fave... pics specially the reflection there
our photographer is so damn goody thanks well...

we just arrive after 5 hours of travelling & 2 hours searching for a nice place in batangas & its really worth it this place is amazing i am can't wait to take some pics

KFC Phil. drag there for a while to have some snacks we're starving yeah!

Oh! this is one thing i really love wear bikinis go to the pool side take some pics but not really under the sun coz' im not so fair so need to hide under the tree lol!!! I can say that i am blessed to have a nice body & that is one of my best asset , they said "if u have it flaunt it."

my favorite spot in my place