Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yipiiiiii atlast i had the chance to check this out & what a surprise that im here in "EVOGUE MODELS " OOOPSY courtesy of Mr.Ery Dato' Mohamed my very own catwalk instructor FYI the founder of E-VOGUE check their ;0)

im at the leftside with the long hair ,sexy booty & body lol!this was taken last month
if im not mistaken.I received a call from stream prod. 2day & asked me to teach catwalk on sunday representative as Mr.Eri is not free $$$$ comes on my mind still thinking about it!!!but actually y not?? i like to do this kind of things...

See this im going to get this stuff soon gorgeous,stunning,super duper high heels that's what i love it really fit my "catwalk class"....get them if u want @

they have a lot of collections there U.S.A pre-order don't miss it :)


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