Friday, May 22, 2009

filipino pride

A very young designer featured at tongue chic before, one of great production from "Mabuhay Phil" Mr.Veejay Floresca
~remember the wedding gown featured before at Tongue Chic planning to hired him as my personal designer for my coming wedding don't u think its a good idea~
Check this out if u will ask me this is perfect as i can see can compare this master piece to GUCCI absolutely gorgeous... one of his PFW collection

"Fashion is a key to my freedom and happiness," says Onin Lorente, a fashion assistant, fashion "bloghopper", dreamer from Manila, and style tripper of Styleanywhere.

*pics credit to tongue chic obviously*

Im very proud of my" kababayans" & Onin is one of them i'd seen blogs from Phil.
but this is one of the best that i've chosen, cheers!

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He photographed Mrs.Lucy Torres Gomez one of the famous flawless commercial model & actress in Phil. ehem....dat's my home country ofcorz'....

"see you guys once i'll be back there & let's go PARTY
gosh i miss a lot of happening clubs in my country"


styleanywhere said...

thanks rain for blogging about me..more power to you :-)

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