Monday, May 25, 2009

Adam Lambert my IDOL

Here is my sad stories i bet for RM500.00 for Adam coz' obviously we can see the potential that he can win, the reason why i go for him & decided to bet for him.One day i received message from maxis that is 1 week before the finals they said that Adam will win the contest so i decided to mark my word & go for it w/o any hesitation and the best part of it im confident.....woooow.
So the day comes & the good news i lost $$$$$$$ but anyway its ok:>(

According to his Fox 5 interview, there has been SOME discussion, but he’s pleading the 5th on whether they’ve made an offer! This could be amazing, although like Daughtry with Fuel rumors never came to fruition.

You’ve heard the saying numerous times: “Hindsight is 20/20″. And after any event, competition, season, month, or even lifetime you can see the “truth” much more clearly than you could while it was happening.
American Idol is no different. Throughout this entire season I have been closely following Adam. He was my favorite from the second he sang Bohemian Rhapsody in his audition and never once disappointed me. Two minutes after his audition, I bought this domain and this site was born. I believed then, as I believe now, that Adam will be a star.
Throughout this season, Adam has been hailed the next Elvis, a potential international superstar, and the greatest Idol ever. But not everyone is as praising. I’ve seem numerous message board attacks on everything from his style, makeup, eyeliner, and fingernail polish (not everyone’s cup of team, I know) to his sexuality.
Here’s the thing… I think Adam is comfortable being the springboard to have debates on sexuality, style, personality. He’s incredibly personable, an awesome interviewee, and it’s obvious he’s comfortable being hisself. He’s amazingly talented, yet humble. He was the favorite from the beginning and seemed to bring the competition up to his level. He wasn’t a star struck loner, rather become part of what seems to be a very close knit group.
I’ve read over and over on message boards and even been asked on Twitter “Would you want Adam as YOUR Son/Daughters role model?”, implying that I probably wouldn’t. I totally understand if you don’t like Adam’s music or his style. That’s preference. He’s a bit over the top, even for me at times and I’m a huge fan.
But calling out his character? The guy is fabulous! Why WOULDN’T you want him to be your son/daughters roll model? He’s gracious in defeat and there’s nothing bad said about his character. He’s a talented, humble, awesome person from all accounts. So he wears makeup? If that’s his biggest flaw, I’d like for him to be my son/daughters best friend!
I think we forget what kids see everyday… Or we pretend we don’t see. I’m a little put off by the “he got what he deserved” and “his antics caught up to him” sentiment. I ask you, “are you being a role model?”
Oh, and just for the record, I am a Christian, white, straight, republican from Indiana. And I’m not saying Adam lost because of this… Quite to the contrary. He’s a lighting rod and had as many die hard supporters as stark critics. But I do think we can take something from this, as a country… Call it a “Teachable Moment”:
Roll models come in all shapes, sizes, and finger nail colors

We love you Adam! And you were incredibly gracious in defeat. I think you showed your true character and we are proud.
I think many were right… It did come down to Adam and Danny… But not in the way it was intended. Danny’s huge following had to pick someone… And the Danny fans disliked Adam from the start… It was the classic take sides. When Kris overtook Danny for the final slot, the Danny fans followed.
That’s not to take anything away from Kris. He was adored by the target audience and had some awesome perforances. He’s a great musician and I think he’ll do very well.
But I still think America got it wrong. And I KNOW an international superstar was born on this season of American Idol.
As they say, this is only the beginning. There’s much bigger and greater things coming for Adam Lambert!
And he doesn’t have to record and sing that HIDEOUS song that Kara wrote 234234234 times… Thanks GOD!


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