Monday, May 25, 2009

catwalk class

So here is the result i decided to teach the catwalk class for "Stream Production" start the class at 11:00 in the morning for 1st batch 1:00 for 2nd batch & 3:30 for 3rd batch so happy that time that my class for that day, didn't make me feel so tired they can catch up & some of them are young but fast learner....

it ended at 5:45 OMG

Its been a long day yesterday guys im so tired after that & my golden voice dissapear until now will recover soon FYI i really enjoy it ....something i really love to do


strawberry tags said...

Pesal heels derang tak cukup tinggi untuk catwalk cikgu? kalau cikgu modelling lain dah hambat dengan rotan daa... =p

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