Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Preparation for Engagement

Heading at the same salon I’ve went before HAIRWORKS at Kajang Cheras(remeber my post before Hari Raya Time, I’m not familiar with any salon out here coz’ obviously I’m not staying in that area but this salon actually satisfied me everytime I do my hair.

I look so pale yeah!!

She's not the same girl who did my hair before & i don't really like it she's not so experience i can say that......end up with the same girl atlast so im quite happy:-)

featuring my new bag ELLE purchase at Klang Jusco last week i love it suede material that is easy to get scratch haha!Lot of compartments,inner lining is lovely & huge to keep all my rubbish

Finish product more Volume over here....

Going back to Jules Place

Some random pics i took i know you all get fed up with my face same here lol!!!

with Jules little Sister

This is Shiela's Engagement Jules sister
You thought its my Engement haha!!!

Canopy outside their house with lots of yummy foody

Jule & myself

We purchase our lovely Maxi Dress online running out of time so we don't have time to go to any malls & check it out.
It looks gorgeous right???
Ur smart designer here redo the dress there's no waistband we altered the dress its too long for both of us & extra fabric we tigh at the waist part so it will look better....
Japanese style this time RM99.00 exclusive of postage but we manage to get discount for the postage
FYI the online boutique where we purchase it will let you know too late now to find for the link
will let you know some other time i feel tired typing & back paining now

Jules Auntie

Shiela looks like Puteri that day i took this pics

She looks so Happy

continue my stories 2mrw feel hungry now will have some burger King yums!!!


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