Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How i wish i have more time!!!

clock is twirlin’

I’m already getting dizzy just from looking at the clock image

- Massive Hangover Clock -

Its really hard to do things if you don't have enough time ...
So much of things to do in 1 day and we have only 24 hours ...

been googling
came across of these :

Did you ever had the feeling that you had not enough time? I really want another time system actually,… let’s think about an alternative for the actual time system..introducing the “Energy IS Time” system.
Who the f*ck invented Time?
The origins of our current measurement system go back to the Sumerian civilization of approximately 2000 BCE. This is known as the Sumerian Sexagesimal System based on the number 60.
60 seconds in a minute,
60 minutes in an hour -
and possibly a calendar with 360 (60×6) days in a year
Twelve also features prominently, with roughly 12 hours of day and 12 of night, and roughly 12 months in a year (especially in a 360 day year).
Time is actually an illusion caused by the passing of history.
Time was not “invented” as it does not really exist. It is a purely human mechanism for managing our lives.Outside the human framework all other organisms live “now” there is no yesterday or tomorrow in their consciousness. Of course they learn things and use that knowledge at a later date.
“Energy IS Time” concept
I want to introduce you all folks to a totally new concept of Time called “Energy IS Time“. This concept is based on how much energy you have at a given moment and depending on the energy you have, you will have more time available. Did you not had the moment that you said “Fuck… time flies”, that actually means that you had a lot of energy in that specific time frame. So it would be much more enjoyable that the time available automatically adjusts to the energy you have. Energy IS the unit to measure time !
Imagine you have a lot of energy, I then think you need more time then the current time system allows you. The current system says that you only have 60 seconds in a minute….independently of the energy you still have. But the current seconds value must be a variable depending on the energy you have. So actually in current time system your clock is going to turn around slower to represent more time, because you have more energy.
Make the concept online interactive
Of course if we want to introduce this concept to the big mass of people, we need some way to make to clear to each other how much energy you have so people know if you are for example able to talk to them or maybe you simply have no time (= no energy).
Because we are living not in the Sumerian time anymore, we can implement easily a world wide human portal site where people can look up the time system their friend has. Imagine a website where people are represented by their energy value. People with more energy are represented as more reddish dots and people with no or less energy are represented as dots with less or no red color.
It would be awesome to see a report on what country has the most energy, isn’t it?
Actually because energy is something scientifically measurable we can automatically track the energy level of a person. Simply built in a energy sensor inside a newly born human being and send the energy level automatically to the portal site. This would be the ideal solution for making arrangements with people because you can also see on the portal at what moment the specified person has the most energy.
Offline energy communication
What would it be if you need to check the energy level of a person outside of the internet ‘energy portal’ site. We need a way to represent the energy level of a person in a offline way. This can be easily done by intelligent clothing. Imagine that your T-Shirt color automatically synchronize with your energy level. In that way for example the color of your T-Shirt will be more saturated when you have more energy and less saturated when you have less energy. This is only one way to show your energy level in offline communication, I am sure there are a lot more ways to express your energy value.

* absolutely learn something in this*


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