Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Uncle Chilis Nyt with Hyperzone

On duty deck doctors & absolutely naughty nurses UNCLE CHILLI'S PJ HILTON

Saturday night & my blood is jumping ups & down asusual i need some alcohol to relax,i need a break for a tiring day every single day...i have a lot of activities & i can't handle it anymore i pitty my body sometimes, im a very hyper active person but im just a human i still have some weakness or maybe im just getting old lol!!!!

this is a must to pass the medication they give some free energy before going inside chilis
injection c/w VODKA i don't know mixed with what i don't care...i look so funny yaayks...
Free "Energy Syringe" to the first 100 people through the door before 10:30 pm

Dr.Pizzicato is that you????Dr.i am sick give my drink very quick...

The most sexiest nurse i've ever seen she's super hot hot potato

Here i come stop-over for some pics since i had deleted my pics accidentally for the previous happenings in my life....so sad i love pics so much & to think that i can't repeat any scenes of that anymore...

Dress: Osmose
Shoes: Guess
Watch: Gucci
Accesories: Need to recall the name of the shop

Hyperzone last day at uncle chilis its a filipino band who can do the perfect shake for their body never seen any band dancing like them...featuring start from ur leftside Jennifer sexy babe,My Goodself,Julia & Cute Maya ohoh!!! Maya is high like a kite

Wooow i look so gorgeous in here hehe!!! Maya will miss you ehem...i gave my necklace to her as a souvenir, i think it looks better w/o accesories on my neck don't ya....

Yipiii so here is my baby loving fiance showing his love heheh! he's still anonymous until we get married....

So this the new Filipino band who will replace HyperZone i forgot what's the band's name but all of them are hot & spicy ....i like the way they move !!!!


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