Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy B-day Sista

Dress: Miss Selfridge
Shoes: Princess

Curly curly hair for a change feel bored sometimes with straight hairdo a lil' bit mess in here did my hair near in my place 2 hours ago before my sis party,not really a big party its exclusive for her friends & family oh!oh! im only her family in Malaysia feel sad that she's leaving on at jetplane 2 months from now & im all alone .....i can handle it im independent anyway lol!!!

this cake is yummy licious ofcorz' its from Shangrila courtesy of Ms.Shewella thanks bestfriend for your effort ....that's my sis name Suzette its a nice name but sorry guys no need to mention how young she is its totally dangerous hehehe!!!!

Secret Recipe

Not to mention this one from me with all my love ;>)
Didn't manage to give her the best cake schedule to hectic better luck next time

Like the design but i don't know from where is this cake as long it taste good & make me burp is good enough,from sista friends im not close with them first time i've seen them, honestly its quite long time since the last time i visited my sis if not her b-day sure we won't see each other weird what i said im so buzy zzzzzzzzz!!!

Jules & myself we always stick together

sista,wella my bestfriend for 15 over years or more than that,jules,claire one of my closest friend & my goodself im always present ofcorz'

eyes starting to close feel sleepy i don't have enough sleep everytime craving for vacation somewhere out of the country ....beach,white sand,coconut juice,umbrella,bilikinis,martinis,
good breakfast in bed,massage lot more i want to do ...

One of my forte... still remember when the first time i came here was singing in a band with my sis its 4 years ago so it makes a lot of difference haha!!!


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