Friday, August 19, 2011

Back in action

Its been a year since the last time i blog nOt because of the reasOn that i became sO lazy .....
its because nOthing/Nobody inspired me i had shut dOwn myself for almost 4 mOnths i can't even believe that i don't know how to appreciate evrything i have that time its all NOTHING to me .....and trying to knOw myself for anOther 5 mOnths.There sO much of things happened during that periOd of time....if i'm gOing to start blogging about it i dOn't think sO i will able to finish it ...its unbelievable.Till now it scares mw Over and Over...

Hmmm...let me share all the happenings started 2011 and forget about what happened last year 2010:-) i don't care about it haha!

Don't lOok at the past Corinne...Of corz yes im so grateful of what i have nOw...
No Changes lifes still gO on and on and on and on.........

  • back to shopping
  • back to party
  • back having delicious food
  • back to meet new friends
  • back to wOrk
  • back to back hahahhahaa! some more back to _ _ _ _!


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