Friday, October 23, 2009

Jules B-day

I love this pic Silhouette (i can be a good photographer someday)

I feel so sad that i forgot to post Ms.Jules B-day in my online boutique site & do some promotions.Im very busy now a days if i can make it 34 hours in one day i will do but we only have 24 hours & its not enough for me to do all my things.Anyway we didn't celebrate her b-day at exact day ...we wait for weekends to come(saturday night at Uncle Chilis )

Left side - Ms.Jules wearing one of our best seller -Starlet Diva

Middle- Ms.Shiela Jules sister - loose a lot of weight & look hot now

Right side- Ms.Rain wearing womanizer-one of our hot collections

Starlet Diva really suites Jules - royal blue look fantastic for her,

Bare back really emphasize her sexyness

& the best part is the oozing boobsy she got've got it.... baby u've got it...

I usually drink only once a week - if i feel bored at home i will have few glasses of whisky before i will go to sleep ,way back i can drink a lot & i drink like a fish till' i become squid hahaha!

Now is different aging maybe lol!!!

Celebrating B-day means your family must be around so here is Jules Brothers & sister.

I become part of their family so im also in this scene ....

This is it Flaming Lamborgini Go Jules she actually make it "Bravo"....i never tried this for a year already.

What we will expect for a B-day girl? Ofcorz' happiness,laughters,giggles,kisses,hugs & etc.

Can't deny that she is so MF happy with only 2 candles .What is that? cheater...

i like my new hair color but sems it looks so dry now hahaa!!!

Wth Maya a girl who has a powerful voice she's damn good

Superb dinner really feeling
Baked cod fishm-Ms.Jules Weakness
A non-stop buffet - My weakness
Specialty Menu is our weakness


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