Friday, July 31, 2009



***quick snap when i reached home***
only now i have the time to post it got it few days ago sooo bzzz
first time i saw this bikini i never think twice send my order & ofcorz' ask for the size thought its too big for me, impulse buyer im one of them but im very sure once i like something specially if i buy online im good with that.Think i love bikinis that's the reason even first glance i will know it will fit me but the size chart make me confuse so i keep asking & asking...from the time i receive my parcel oh!!!absolutely i know i can wear it & as aresult its a lil' bit tight the bottom part hahaha!!! i gain weight i know one word i can say "lovely"better grab some still 2 more bikinis to go... hurry girls the price worth it,its not expensive & its very hard to get bikinis like this...
here is the link click click click:-)


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